"Instead of fixed thought patterns, we offer innovative and goal-oriented solutions."

Your industrial partner for
Planning and production.

As an independent and holistically oriented industrial partner for manufacturing processes of all kinds, we are at the customers disposal globally with our extensive know-how since 2007. We are an expert planning partner – thus we offer you solutions that meet both of your individual and complex production needs. Depending on the country and the task at hand, we offer high-end technical solutions or low-cost assembly approaches with a high degree of de-technologization.

Measurement technology

We are particularly proud of our patented measurement technology. It provides us with a unique selling proposition that makes us the preferred partner for renowned companies in industrial manufacturing & automotive production. For example, high-precision measuring technology units from our company are used in all Mercedes-Benz plants worldwide.

Manufacturing Technology
Process planning

Whether assembly, further processing or transport – every process can be trimmed to the highest efficiency. For you, we examine all these factors down to the smallest detail and draw up a comprehensive and well-calculated plan, on the basis of which all processes can be carried out as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.


We are also there for you if you want to further expand the know-how of your own employees. Our specialists for manufacturing and process technology regularly pass on their expertise in qualified training courses. If required, they will also be happy to come directly to you or to another suitable production plant. Everything is possible, the choice is yours!

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Our core strengths


Whether assembly, further processing or transport - every process can be trimmed to ensure maximum efficiency. We will examine all factors for you down to the smallest detail.

Process planning

Manufacturing technology

With our screw technology all parts fit together perfectly and this is why it is so important: You can find screw connections in nearly every area of vehicle assembly.

Manufacturing technology

Measurement technology

We are the preferred partners for well-known companies in industrial manufacturing & automotive production with our patented measurement technology.

Measurement technology


Our specialists for manufacturing and processing technologies regularly share their expertise in qualified training courses: worldwide depending on your needs.


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