​​​​​​​About ferQUEST.

As an independent manufacturering partner for industrial planning and production manufacturing processes of all kinds, we are happy to provide you with our extensive know-how on a global scale. There is a reason why ferQUEST is the right partner for even the most demanding industrial manufacturing processes: Our Team!

Our planning company, which operates all over the globe, is made up of very diverse creative thinkers and competent professionals who are passionate about their respective careers - and who have grown together to form a close-knit community of talented individuals. The majority of our employees are highly trained engineers and flexible specialists for whom no task is too complicated. We are already looking forward to the next challenge!

"We create procedures - hopefully with you on our team soon."

We are looking for motivated and qualified employees like you!

Are you a team player and looking to secure a job in a renowned company that recognizes and develops your strengths?


"We also work directly at our clients' premises if the task requires it."


Germany, Poland, Hungary, Europe
China, India, Canada,
Malaysia, Mexico, 
Russia, South Africa,

"The diversity of the industries requires diverse solutions. We know our way around in many areas."

Who we are

ferQUEST handles between 100 and 120 projects per year - the budget per order ranges from a medium 3-digit budget to a budget of several million. From consulting to the complete construction of a production plant. ferQUEST works independently of manufacturers.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Branche office Bremen
Sebaldsbrücker Heerstr. 125
28309 Bremen